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    We are Radio Oxigen

    We're an iconic FM station from the 90s from Istanbul, Turkey. Our musical explorations have driven the tastes of an entire local, forward-looking generation of music lovers. We made our name playing what's not there, introducing the Turkish airwaves to the likes of drum&bass, electronica, hip-hop, latin and more. In a time when radio was dominated by what's popular, Oxigen, with its unwavering commitment to playing good music irrespective of popularity, became the only radio outlet for a generation hungry for foreign new music.

    Then, internet happened to music. The rapid evolution of music outlets and their distorted missions of "all music for all people" took its toll on radios everywhere. Where tastes were to be refined, they became more bland, where upcoming small-time artists were hoping to shine, they were trumped by the mass media marketing of big industry. During this unfortunate discourse, Radio Oxigen said goodbye to the FM airwaves and took a hiatus from their listenership to seek out the next opportunity where they could meet their listenership on their own terms.

    Now, that time is upon us. We've waited, studied and learned from this rapid era of technological evolution to discover the best terms on which to reintroduce ourselves to listeners old & new. Instead of moulding our music around customisation and algorithms, the holy grails of internet music services, we've decided to build our listener experience around a rock solid foundation of musical taste, experience and curiosity. It is our belief that good music deserves to be heard, and we've made it our dedicated mission to provide you with distinguished tunes spanning all eras and genres. In an age where music services are all too eager to hand you the reigns that drive your musical tastes, we hold the reigns tight and take you along on a ride of dance & discovery. And, using the newfound powers of the web, we've built a website that is designed to immerse you in our musical world, let you bask in it, share it, save it and perhaps come to love it. Our tunes are your tunes and we get a real kick out of every new artist we introduce to you, or every old one we help you rediscover.

    Long story short, we're here for your musical needs 24/7. We are radio in its most unadulterated form: no commercials, just music. Come discover Radio Oxigen, and may your musical journeys be forever groovy and utterly enjoyable.

    Just remember,
    Good music deserves to be heard